Dr Hauschka Neem Shampoo

Neem Shampoo by Dr Hauschka is the best shampoo for oily hair that anyone with any type of hair will benefit from. By taking care of your hair with all natural nutrients and this holistic approach, individuals will see stronger, healthier hair. Neem Shampoo is available as several different products. Each of them is made will all natural ingredients which are part of the Dr Hauschka holistic treatment for the body and skin.

Neem Shampoo by Dr Hauschka includes Shampoo with Apricot and Sea Buckthorn. This particular product is designed to work well for those who have dry or damaged hair. The product is not overly oily and will not cause the scalp to be oily, but does add all natural oils and plant extracts to the hair to improve the quality of it, strengthen it and moisturize both the hair and the scalp. It contains Neem and Burdock extracts that replenish the hair to overcome its brittleness.

Another option is Shampoo with Macadamia and Orange by Dr Hauschka. This product is great for normal hair. It naturally cleanses the hair without using harsh chemicals and soaps. The hair is soft, silky and healthy when the shampoo is used regularly. It has a natural and beautiful citrus scent to it. To make this happen, Shampoo with Macadamia and Orange contains the especially oils from these products.

Shampoo with Nasturtium and Lemon by Dr Hauschka is another option for hair improvement. It is designed to work for those who have oily to normal hair. It contains nasturtium, neem and watercress extract to help it to regulate the oil produced by the scalp. It also removes dirt from the hair and scalp naturally, without irritating it.

Each of this Neem Shampoo by Dr Hauschka products provides an all natural solution to cleansing hair. Select the right one for your hair type and use it regularly for long-term results.