Female Hair Loss – Buyer’s Guide to Different Products

Before you waste time and money trying different female hair loss products available in the market today, you might want to consider reading the buyer’s guide so that you can acquire only the best among the products that you choose from.

Step #1 – Determine the cause of hair loss

The best way that you can find the right female hair loss product is to determine what causes it in the first place. The causes of hair loss fall under three main categories namely –

  • Genetics – Heredity usually accounts for 95% of female hair loss and more often than not it doesn’t really matter which side of the family has the hair loss gene.
  • Underlying medical and health issues – Prescription drugs and therapeutic procedures such as chemotherapy can cause induced hair loss in women. Other causes may include certain medical conditions that are usually chronic, thyroid imbalances and severe diseases like cancer.
  • Hormonal imbalance – There are many instances when a female’s body undergoes several hormonal changes which could cause temporary hair loss such as pregnancy and childbirth and menopause.

Once you have determined what causes your hair loss, you should start weighing your options when you buy female hair loss treatments.

Step #2 – Determine how much you can afford for the hair loss remedy

There is a wide array of hair loss products with various prices for you to choose from but of course it displays different levels of efficacy. However, you need to remember that the price alone is not the sole determining factor that can define the effectiveness of the product. The effectiveness of the product depends on a wide array of interplaying factors not just the price.

They say the more expensive the product is the higher the level of its efficiency is in providing positive results to whatever you want it to perform. In order for you to acquire the best possible option, you need to base it on your budget. How much will you be able to spare to buy this product and use it as a long-term treatment for your hair loss issue?

Step #3 – Make a list of products according to the budget range that you can afford

Once you have determined how much you can afford for the product to have, it is time for you to list all possible products with prices that made it to your preference. If you have a list of products, it would be easier for you to narrow them down later on depending on other factors not just the price range. As I’ve said, the price is not the only determining factor that will let you know what the best among them all is.

It is also relatively easy for you to sort the products and group them according to the price range that you have specified. This way, you can get an overview on the products you are considering.

Step #4 – How much time can you devote on a particular treatment?

You can apply another determining factor to the particular remedy. Apart from the price, hair care products are usually applied either as long-term or short-term treatment. There is hair care products that you need to apply continuously taking days, weeks or even months as recommended by the manufacturer. Choosing which among them would be relatively easy if you know how much time you can spend on them and you can do this by specifying the details.

For example, you can only spend  10-15 minutes daily for 2 weeks. You should then be able to eliminate the products that will take more than 15 minutes a day and more than 2 weeks. But, this is just a limiting factor that you should set out.

Step #5 – Narrow down the list

Once you have eliminated the products that will take longer than expected, narrow down the list further by considering your lifestyle and the product’s availability. Are you comfortable with the hair care products that you are considering? Will it give your self-confidence a boost if you use the product? Are there any health issues associated with the products?

You might want to consider your comfort in using the product, safety and security before you weigh your other options.

Step #6 – Read product reviews

The best way that you can learn more about a product is through consumer reviews. You will learn about the pros and cons of a product, its efficacy in providing solution that you need. Do not read reviews from the manufacturer’s page. If possible, go to websites that offer unbiased reviews from real and genuine consumers.

Consumer reviews allow you to make the best and informed decision like no other. You will read about the weaknesses and strengths of the option that you are trying to get. One of the ways that will make things easier for you is to read and educate yourself.

Statistics show that 25% of women experience an unfortunate event of hair loss in their lives. It is not an easy predicament to experience considering the fact that women consider their hair as their crown and one of the most important aesthetic factor that they want to preserve.

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate population, the one thing that you can do is weigh down your options and determine which among the hair care products, procedures and remedies can give you the most benefit.