Fraxel Laser Treatment

Introduction: Many men and women have struggled with the problem of wrinkles and signs of aging on their skin for many years. The hands of time can cause considerable damage to the skin leaving people looking much older than they actually are. Damage from the sun and the environment can take a heavy toll on the skin leaving wrinkles and, in some cases, scarring and sunspots. Fraxel Laser Treatment provides a way to combat the damage that has been done to your skin and expose the newer, younger looking skin just beneath the surface.

How does it work? Fraxel Laser Treatment works by producing thousands of deep tiny microscopic treatment zones in your skin. This treatment eliminates the old epidermal pigmented skin cells and penetrates into the dermis. The Fraxel system is incredibly accurate and precise and will treat a problem area without affecting the surrounding areas of skin at all. This causes the recovery time to be much faster and more comfortable. A new healthy tissue is then created that gives a tighter and healthier appearance to the skin which helps to reduce and further minimize any imperfection in the skin.

Fraxel Laser Treatment is done on a schedule which will be predetermined by your physician. Typically it takes between three to five sessions to receive the desired results. Frexel Laser Treatments are an outpatient procedure and can be done in the comfort of your physicians’ office using a topical painkiller. The actual procedure takes about 20 to 25 minutes for a full face with about one hour of prep time to allow for the anesthetic to take effect. Patients who have had Frexel Laser Treatment notice a difference in two to three months. Immediately following your Frexel Laser Treatment it will feel as though you have a sunburn on the treated area and the skin will be a pinkish color for a few days following the procedure as well. New healthy skin will begin to grow during the first day after the procedure that may result in a bronze appearance and some skin flaking.