Laser Hair Brush Prevents Thinning Hair And Promotes Hair Regrowth

“The Home Hair Laser Reverses Hair Loss,

Increases Hair Regrowth, Or Your

Money Back – Guaranteed!”

If you are suffering from hair loss and feel totally disillusioned, and if you have spent a fortune on over-the-counter products, then this remarkable Scientia Laser hair loss treatment is the answer to your problems.

This revolutionary hair loss laser treatment which can now be applied in the comfort of your own home has shown in more than 2000 clinical studies on both men and women that in just 2-4 months it gave the following remarkable results:

  • It prevented and reversed hair loss.
  • It triggered substantial new hair regrowth
  • It gave thicker stronger hair.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Treatments

Your physician has probably already told you that if you’re suffering from hair loss or the thinning of hair on both men and women, it is a symptom that constantly needs to be treated otherwise it can reverse back and start thinning again. This means that for years you will have to buy expensive over-the-counter topical treatments, supplements and unnecessary medication to ensure you keep the hair you want.

No Risk 6-Month Money Back Guarantee

However, the amazing Scientia Laser Brush is just a one time cost at just £295.00, and not only that it is covered by a 6-month Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results – which means it comes at absolutely no risk to you.

There are other hair loss laser products on the market, but the Scientia is unique because it uses a revolutionary new multi-wave laser technology, and it is the only one to offer a full money back guarantee!

How the Remarkable Home Hair Loss Laser Brush Works

Laser therapy for hair loss has been used with huge success for more than 20-years throughout the world. It was previously only available in expensive clinics and salons where a full years treatment costs in excess of £3,300. But now, thanks to advances in science and technology the same treatment has been developed into a small hand held laser device that can be used in the comfort of your own home, and at an incredibly low price of £295 – less than one tenth of the salon laser treatment . This makes it one of the most effective thinning hair and hair loss treatments on the market today, and it is money back guaranteed!

The Scientia Hair Laser Brush emits a cold vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) which penetrate deep into hypodermis. This then stimulates and increases the blood flow to the hair follicle and causes it to grow bigger and to produce thicker hairs. The laser also stimulates and reinvigorates dormant follicles getting them to grow new hairs once again. As a result it is has become the leading baldness cure, thinning hair and hereditary hair loss treatment for both men and women.

  • It increases the cell activity and increases the blood flow in the scalp.
  • It promotes the follicle cell growth.
  • Hair loss is reduced and new hair growth is promoted.

The Laser Stimulates All the Phases of Hair Growth

The other remarkable properties that make the hair loss laser brush so effective are that it stimulates the follicle during its phases of growing hairs.

The laser gives energy to the follicle during the Anagen Phase which is the time when the hair is growing. This extra energy makes the follicle grow hair faster.

While the hair follicles are in the resting or shedding period, which is called the Telogen Phase, the laser light helps with the regeneration.

Even weakened roots and follicles that can only produce thin miniaturized fuzzy hair known as Vellus is stimulated by the laser to healthier and thicker hair over time.

Simple To Use

Unlike all those messy hair loss lotions that contain Minoxidil, the Scientia Hair Loss Laser is so easy to use and doesn’t cause the skin reactions that are sometimes caused by the lotions and medications.

The Scientia hair laser is simply placed on the scalp on one area for 10 seconds. And then the hair laser is slid about 2 cm to the next area and again applied for 10 seconds. This is continued until the whole patch of the scalp requiring treatment has been covered. The treatment needs to be applied to the problem area for around 10-20 minutes per day five days per week – it is that simple. The device has an automatic 10 second timer and a ten minute cut off which simplifies the treatment even further.

In 2-4 months you will be excited to see the growth of new hair and your existing hair has become much thicker.