The Art Of Growing Hair

Every girl dreams of having long beautiful hair but growing it is an actual nightmare and everyone who actually did it knows why. Growing hair is tricky. You have to make sure it stays that way and is still manageable at the end of the day, but you know once you achieved those perfectly long locks it is definitely worth it.

Tips on growing your hair:


You may find this odd especially that you are growing your hair and not shorter, but regular trimming of your hair will actually result to a faster hair growth as the experts say. When a hair strand has split ends it will yield an actual slower hair growth. Besides, actual hair trimming will result in a healthier by a hairdresser in Paddington, contact your sanctuary.


Drinking plenty of water flush out toxins faster, these toxins suppress the hair growth resulting in a slower lengthening of hair. Water also helps the hair become stronger and thus producing a hair that is resistant to breakage and drying.


Combing your hair should be done at most twice a day. Combing helps your hair follicles have a continuous flow of minerals and vitamins and thus hair growth is achieved. Brushing of hair also lessens the tangles that cause hair breakage and hair loss.

Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are more likely for those who have urgent events to attend to and want long locks instead of their manly length hair.

Avoid heat

Heat is the suppressor of our hair growth. It dries up our hair and kills our follicles which are responsible for hair growth. Avoid blow drying your hair and using appliances that can cause hair damage such as flat and curling iron.

Food proteins

Healthy meals supply more vitamins and minerals for your hair follicles and thus results in a faster hair growth compared to those who have skimpy meals and are a fan of junk and unhealthy foods.

Healthy Scalp

Begin with the scalp since this is where hair roots are located. Use shampoo to avoid flaky dandruff which damages your follicles and steal the natural vitamins and minerals in your scalp. Condition your hair as well because a stronger hair means a faster growth.

Leave on masks

Masks help your hair against heat, pollution, and air which can ruin your hair and damage it for good. It also conditions and nurtures your hair resulting into a stronger and faster-growing hair.


Why not feed your hair with its specific need? Take in vitamins such as C, D and E to help your hair grow faster and stronger. Also, multivitamins and minerals are hair friendly as well.